SC-300 Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator

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  • Module 1: Implement an identity management solution
    Implement Initial configuration of Azure AD
    Create, configure, and manage identities
    Implement and manage external identities
    Implement and manage hybrid identity
    Lab : Manage user roles
    Lab : Setting tenant-wide properties
    Lab : Assign licenses to users
    Lab : Restore or remove deleted users
    Lab : Add groups in Azure AD
    Lab : Change group license assignments
    Lab : Change user license assignments
    Lab : Configure external collaboration
    Lab : Add guest users to the directory
    Lab : Explore dynamic groups


  • Module 2: Implement an authentication and access management solution
    Secure Azure AD user with MFA
    Manage user authentication
    Plan, implement, and administer conditional access
    Manage Azure AD identity protection
    Lab : Enable Azure AD MFA
    Lab : Configure and deploy self-service password reset (SSPR)
    Lab : Work with security defaults
    Lab : Implement conditional access policies, roles, and assignments
    Lab : Configure authentication session controls
    Lab : Manage Azure AD smart lockout values
    Lab : Enable sign-in risk policy
    Lab : Configure Azure AD MFA authentication registration policy


  • Module 3: Implement access management for Apps
    Plan and design the integration of enterprise for SSO
    Implement and monitor the integration of enterprise apps for SSO
    Implement app registration
    Lab : Implement access management for apps
    Lab : Create a custom role to management app registration
    Lab : Register an application
    Lab : Grant tenant-wide admin consent to an application
    Lab : Add app roles to applications and recieve tokens


  • Module 4: Plan and implement an identity governancy strategy)
    Plan and implement entitlement management
    Plan, implement, and manage access reviews
    Plan and implement privileged access
    Monitor and maintain Azure AD
    Lab : Creat and manage a resource catalog with Azure AD entitlement
    Lab : Add terms of use acceptance report
    Lab : Manage the lifecycle of external users with Azure AD identity governance
    Lab : Create access reviews for groups and apps
    Lab : Configure PIM for Azure AD roles
    Lab : Assign Azure AD role in PIM
    Lab : Assign Azure resource roles in PIM
    Lab : Connect data from Azure AD to Azure Sentinel