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MS-600 Building applications and solutions with Microsoft 365 core services

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  • Module 1: Implement Microsoft Identity
    Microsoft Identity platform
    Register an Application
    Implement Authentication
    Configure Permissions to consume an API
    Implement Authorization to consume an API
    Implement Authorization in an API
    Create a Service to access Microsoft Graph
    Lab : Implement Microsoft Identity


  • Module 2: Work with Microsoft Graph
    What is Microsoft Graph
    Access user data from Microsoft Graph
    Data usage with query parameters
    Manage a group lifecycle on Microsoft Graph
    Access files with Microsoft Graph
    Optimize network traffic
    Lab : Work with Microsoft Graph


  • Module 3: Extend and Customize SharePoint
    SharePoint Framework web parts
    SharePoint Framework extensions
    Package and deploy a SPFx solution
    Consumption of Microsoft Graph
    Consumption of 3rd party APIs secured with Azure AD from within SPFx
    Web Parts as Teams Tabs
    Branding and theming in SharePoint
    Lab : Extend and Customize SharePoint


  • Module 4: Extend Teams
    Microsoft Teams App
    Webhooks in Microsoft Teams
    Tabs in Microsoft Teams
    Messaging extensions in Microsoft Teams
    Conversational bots in Microsoft Teams
    Lab : Extend Teams


  • Module 5: Extend Office
    Office Add-ins
    Office JS APIs
    Customization of Add-ins
    Testing, debugging, and deployment options
    Actionable message
    Lab : Extend Office