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MS-55180 Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016: Getting Started

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Paweł Kiraga, Microsoft Certified Trainer

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Tematyka zajęć

  • Module 1: Components of a Project
    Project Components
    Mapping a Project
    Exercise: Mapping a Project
    Sample Projects Used in This Course


  • Module 2: Getting Around Microsoft Project 2016
    Starting Project
    The Ribbon
    Exercise: Understanding the Ribbon
    The Backstage View
    Exercise: Open and Save a Project
    Exercise: Enter Project Information
    Tour of the Quick Access Toolbar
    Exercise: Add and Delete Commands from the Quick Access Toolbar
    Basic Formatting


  • Module 3: Calendars
    Project Start Date
    Exercise: Set the Project Start Date
    Creating a Project Calendar
    Connecting a Calendar to a Project
    Formatting the Timeline to Match a Custom Calendar
    Exercise: Create and Link a Project Calendar


  • Module 4: Working with Tasks
    Creating a Task
    Entering Durations
    Exercise: Enter Tasks and Durations
    Scheduling Tasks
    Exercise: Set a Task to Manual Scheduling
    Milestone Tasks
    Exercise: Add a Milestone Task
    Linking Tasks
    Exercise: Link Tasks
    Adding Notes to Tasks
    Exercise: Add a Note to a Task
    Add a Calendar to a Task
    Exercise: Add to Your Map
    Exercise: Practice of Topics covered in Lessons 1 to 4


  • Module 5: Creating and Working with Resources
    The Resource Sheet
    Exercise: Enter Work, Material, and Cost Resources
    Assigning Resources to Tasks
    Exercise: Assign Resources to Tasks


  • Module 6: Managing a Project
    Viewing a Project
    Reviewing and Making Adjustments to a Project
    Exercise: Review the Project
    Setting a Baseline
    Viewing the Baseline
    Exercise: Set and View a Baseline
    Recording Progress
    Exercise: Record Progress
    Reporting on Projects
    Exercise: Create a Report
    Sending Data to Excel
    Exercise: Send Data to Excel