MS-40553 Microsoft Security Workshop: Planning for a Secure Enterprise – Improving Detection

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  • Module 1: An Overview of the Modern Cyber Threat and Cyber Security Landscape
    An overview of the modern cyber threat landscape
    Detection and prevention in the modern cyber threat landscape


  • Module 2: Detecting Threats in On-Premises Environments
    Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) and Intrusion Detection
    Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)
    Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)
    Microsoft Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD)
    Integrating programming and scripting technologies with threat detection
    Logging, Auditing, and Monitoring with Windows-based tools
    Lab: Threat detection with Windows Event Forwarding


  • Module 3: Detecting Threats in Hybrid and Cloud Environments
    Microsoft Office 365 and SaaS Related Offerings
    Azure Advanced Threat Detection
    Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security Offerings
    Azure Logging and Auditing


  • Module 4: Analyzing Threat Detection Solutions in Action
    Layered Machine Learning defenses in Windows Defender Antivirus
    Detecting persistent threats by using Windows Defender ATP
    Enterprise Threat Detection behavioral monitoringAdministration (JIT)
    Microsoft comprehensive approach to cyber threat detection
    Lab: Improving Detection