MS-10990 Analyzing Data with SQL Server Reporting Services

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  • Module 1: Introduction to Reporting Services
    Introduction to reporting services
    Reporting services components
    Reporting services tools
    Lab : Exploring reporting services


  • Module 2: Reporting Services Data Sources
    Data sources
    Connection strings
    Lab : Configuring data access with report builder
    Lab : Configuring data access with report designer


  • Module 3: Creating Paginated Reports
    Creating a report with the report wizard
    Creating a report
    Publishing a report
    Lab : Creating reports


  • Module 4: Working with Reporting Services Data
    Data filters
    Report parameters
    Implementing report filters and parameters
    Lab : Create a parameterized report


  • Module 5: Visualizing Data with Report Services
    Formatting data
    Images and charts
    Databars, sparklines, indicators, gauges, and maps
    Lab : Manage formatting


  • Module 6: Summarizing Report Data
    Sorting and grouping
    Report sub-reports
    Drilldown and drill through
    Lab : Summarizing report data


  • Module 7: Sharing Reporting Services Reports
    Report caching, snapshots, and comments
    Report subscription and delivery
    Lab : Sharing reporting services reports


  • Module 8: Administering Reporting Services
    Administering reporting services
    Reporting services configuration
    Reporting services performance
    Lab : Administering reporting services


  • Module 9: Extending and Integrating Reporting Services
    Expressions and embedded code
    Extending reporting services
    Integrating reporting services
    Lab : Extending and integrating reporting services


  • Module 10: Introduction to Mobile Reports
    Overview of mobile reports
    Preparing data for mobile reports
    Mobile report publisher
    Lab : Introduction to mobile reports


  • Module 11: Developing Mobile Reports
    Designing and publishing mobile reports
    Drillthrough in mobile reports
    Lab : Developing mobile reports