AZ-400T01 Implementing DevOps Development Processes

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  • Module 1: Getting started with Source Control
    What is Source Control?
    Benefits of Source Control
    Types of source control systems
    Introduction to Azure Repos
    Migrating from TFVC to Git
    Authenticating to your Git Repos


  • Module 2: Scaling git for enterprise DevOps
    How to structure your git repo
    Git Branching workflows
    Collaborating with Pull Requests
    Why care about GitHooks?
    Fostering Internal Open Source
    Git Version
    Public projects
    Files in Git


  • Module 3: Implement & Manage Build Infrastructure
    The concept of pipelines in DevOps
    Azure Pipelines
    Evaluate use of Hosted vs Private Agents
    Agent pools
    Pipelines & Concurrency
    Azure DevOps and Open Source projects
    Azure Pipelines YAML vs Visual Designer
    Setup private agents
    Integrate Jenkins with Azure Pipelines
    Integration external source control with Azure Pipelines
    Analyze & Integrate Docker multi-stage builds


  • Module 4: Managing application config & secrets
    Introduction to Security
    Implement secure & compliant development proces
    Rethinking application config data
    Manage secrets, tokens & certificates
    Implement tools for managing security and compliance in a pipeline


  • Module 5: Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
    Introduction to Mobile DevOps
    Introduction to Visual Studio App Center
    Manage mobile target device sets and distribution groups
    Manage target UI test device sets
    Provision tester devices for deployment
    Create public and private distribution groups