AZ-200T03 Develop Azure Platform as a Service Solutions

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  • Module 1: Creating App Service Web Apps
    Introduction to Web Apps

    Using shell commands to create App Service Web Apps
    Creating background tasks using WebJobs in Azure App Service
    Using Swagger to document an API


  • Module 2: Creating mobile apps
    Getting started with mobile apps in App Service
    Enabling push notifications for your app
    Enabling offline sync for your app


  • Module 3: Creating an app service Logic App
    Overview of Azure Logic Apps
    Creating a Logic App
    Creating custom connectors for Logic Apps
    Creating a custom template for a Logic App


  • Module 4: Creating an app or service that runs on Service Fabric
    Understanding Azure Service Fabric
    Creating a Reliable Service
    Creating a Reliable Actors app
    Working with Reliable Collections


  • Module 5: Creating Azure Functions
    Azure Functions overview
    Develop Azure Functions using Visual Studio
    Triggers and bindings


  • Module 6: Scheduling bulk operations
    Azure Batch overview
    Running Batch jobs
    Using the .NET Batch Management client library
  • Module 7: Create solutions that use Azure Kubernetes Service
    Creating an Azure Kubernetes Service cluster
    Azure Container Registry
    Azure Contaner Instances


  • Module 8: Developing apps for Azure Media Services
    Introduction to Azure Media Services
    Azure Media Services v3 concepts
    Upload, encode, and stream with .NET
    Analyze your video with .NET