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AZ-040 Automating Administration with PowerShell

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  • Module 1: Getting started with Windows PowerShell
    Windows PowerShell overview
    Understan Windows PowerShell command syntax
    Find commands and get help in Windows PowerShell
    Lab: Configuring Windows PowerShell, and finding and running commands


  • Module 2: Windows PowerShell for local systems administration
    Active Directory Domain Services administration cmdlets
    Network configuration cmdlets
    Server administration cmdlets
    Windows PowerShell in Windows 10
    Lab: Performing local system administration with PowerShell


  • Module 3: Working with the Windows PowerShell pipeline
    Understand the pipeline
    Select, sort, and measure objects
    Filter objects out of the pipeline
    Enumerate objects in the pipeline
    Send and pass pipeline data as output
    Lab: Using PowerShell pipeline


  • Module 4: Using PSProviders and PSDrives
    Using PSProviders
    Using PSDrives
    Lab: Using PSProviders and PSDrives with PowerShell


  • Module 5: Querying management information by using CIM and WMI
    Understand CIM and WMI
    Query data by using CIM and WMI
    Make changes by using CIM and WMI
    Lab: Querying information by using WMI and CIM


  • Module 6: Working with variables, arrays, and hash tables
    Use variables
    Manipulate variables
    Manipulate arrays and hash tables
    Lab: Using variables, arrays, and hash tables in PowerShell


  • Module 7: Windows PowerShell scripting
    Introduction to scripting with Windows PowerShell
    Script constructs
    Import data from files
    Accept user input
    Troubleshooting and error handling
    Functions and modules
    Lab: Using scripts with PowerShell


  • Module 8: Administering remote computers with Windows PowerShell
    Use basic Windows PowerShell remoting
    Use advanced Windows PowerShell remoting techniques
    Use PSSessions
    Lab: Performing remote administration with PowerShell


  • Module 9: Managing Azure resources with PowerShell
    Azure PowerShell
    Introduce Azure Cloud Shell
    Manage Azure VMs with PowerShell
    Manage storage and subscriptions
    Lab: Azure resource management with PowerShell


  • Module 10: Managing Microsoft 365 services with PowerShell
    Manage Microsoft 365 user accounts, licenses, and groups with PowerShell
    Manage Exchange Online with PowerShell
    Manage SharePoint Online with PowerShell
    Manage Microsoft Teams with PowerShell
    Lab: Managing Microsoft 365 with PowerShell


  • Module 11: Using background jobs and scheduled jobs
    Use background jobs
    Use scheduled jobs
    Lab: Jobs management with PowerShell