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12.11.2021 - 12.11.2021

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MS-55281 SharePoint Online Branding

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  • Module 1: Branding in SharePoint Online
    A history of branding in SharePoint
    What is SharePoint?
    How was SharePoint branded in the past?
    Publishing sites and master pages
    SharePoint Designer
    Live SharePoint publishing sites
    SharePoint’s journey to the cloud
    A change in best practices
    Modern vs classic
    What tools may you need?
    Understanding your company branding
    Lab : Setting up SharePoint


  • Module 2: Managing modern themes
    Upgrading from classic to modern
    Changing themes in team and communication sites
    Adding site logos
    Mega menus and cascading menus
    Background images
    Deploying themes with hub sites
    Setting up hub sites
    Connecting to hub sites
    Set up an organisational custom theme
    Lab : Customise a modern site


  • Module 3: Creating custom themes
    Using SharePoint Designer with modern pages
    SharePoint Designer 2013 prerequisites
    Navigating SharePoint Designer
    Connecting to Sites and Pages
    Updating modern pages
    Using the theme designer
    An overview of the theme designer
    Exporting your new theme
    Deploying themes using PowerShell
    Connect to SharePoint and sign in
    Deploying and removing a custom theme
    Applying themes with Site Designs
    Lab : Design a custom theme


  • Module 4: Customising lists and libraries
    Introducing JSON to lists and libraries
    Using design mode
    How to apply formatting to columns
    Format choices
    Conditional formatting
    Format views
    Using branding with formatting
    Using advanced mode
    Sample JSON code segments
    Schemas and branding
    Create clickable actions
    How to add icons
    Customising people and hover cards
    Further samples
    Using Power Apps in lists and libraries
    Create a new form
    Brandable elements
    Removing a custom form
    Lab : Format lists and use Power Apps with forms